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When preparing for the worst, train with the best!


Train with Fort Discovery

This is a selection of the more popular courses that we offer. Many new courses are offered based on interest from our customers! Contact Fort Discovery at 877-876-4750 and let us know what courses you are interested in.

Introduction to Threat Awareness

This entry-level course will give you the confidence you need when making a decision to save your life or the life of another. This course focuses on Jeff Cooper’s threat index and will teach you how to detect a threat prior to an event. This will give you the upper hand on how and what defensive measures to employ. The course will also explore several types of weapons, including knives, Tasers, and firearms. This is a classroom-only course.


Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Pistol

  • Basic Pistol is an introductory handgun course for those with no or limited shooting experience who want to learn safe, effective use of the handgun. Topics covered will include safety rules, grip, stance, use of sights, loading and unloading, basic maintenance, and trigger control. By day’s end, the student will fire five shots into a ten-inch circle target.

  • Intermediate Pistol is for shooters to build upon the skills you already have. It focuses on presentation, sight picture, speed and tactical reloading, malfunction clearance, and accuracy in compressed time frames.

  • Advanced Pistol focuses on marksmanship and movement. Topics include concealed carry, unusual position shooting, lateral, forward, and rearward movement, and speed and accuracy.

Defensive Rifle 1 and 2

  • Defensive Rifle 1 is for students who want to learn or reinforce their basic rifle skills. The course covers the safe and functional operation of the rifle. Participants will learn nomenclature, safety rules, basic shooting positions, how to load/unload and chamber a round, and accuracy from standing. Any caliber and action type is permitted.

  • Defensive Rifle 2 provides skill building for those with basic skills. Topics include equipment, modifications, accessories, stance, positions, speed and tactical reloading, malfunction clearance, and accurate hits with compressed time limits.


Survival Shotgun

This two-day class explores the utility of shotguns in defensive and survival applications. Topics include selection of the shotgun, fitting the shotgun, ammunition, grip and stance, use of sights, loading and unloading, select-loads, tactical reloads, shooting slugs, and more.


Urban Survival

Don’t be confused and scared! Learn how to navigate, build temporary structures, and defend yourself and your family. You will also learn basic first aid skills, weapon types and your legal rights. Classroom only course.


Active Shooter Awareness

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and can escalate quickly. This course will help better prepare you to deal with an active shooter situation. Classroom only course. This course can be taken at Fort Discovery, or we can also conduct the training at your location. Contact Fort Discovery at 877-876-4750 for details.


Gun Safety for Kids

This 4-hour course for a parent and child is a class all families should take. Learn about gun safety and how to relay that information to children. Classroom only course.

Montana Training Retreats

Train with top instructors while staying at a craftsman residence in Montana. 


Enjoy the comfort of our expansive two-story brick house in Philipsburg, Montana. The home has room to accommodate 6 people, each with a private bathroom. Explore the serene Boulder Creek before or after training, walk to shops and restaurants in town, or venture further to discover the scenic wonders of Finn Creek and Rock Creek.

two-story craftsman house
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