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overview of montana property

Train with top instructors while staying at a craftsman house in Montana.


Train and vacation at the same time!

Enjoy the comfort of our expansive two-story brick house in Philipsburg, Montana. The home has room to accommodate 6 people, each with a private bathroom. Explore the serene Boulder Creek for world-class fishing before or after training, walk to shops and restaurants in town, or venture further to discover the scenic wonders of Finn Creek and Rock Creek.

Your hassle-free stay includes transportation to and from Missoula Airport (about an hour away), as well as all-inclusive meals.

Courses are designed for both civilian and law enforcement people based on their current skill levels. Ammo and firearms provided for all courses. Airfare is not included.

Contact Fort Discovery to set up your vacation!

Course Listings

Intro to Threat Awareness & Firearms

This entry-level course begins by teaching you how to detect a threat prior to an event. It will explore several types of weapons, including knives, Tasers and firearms. Next we will go over safety, storage, the fundamentals of weapon handling, and how to select a firearm. Classroom only course.
2 days • $16,850 for 6 people

Basic Pistol (Defensive Pistol 1)

This is a live fire course that reviews firearm safety and works through the fundamentals of marksmanship. You will develop a comfort level in shooting as well as develop skills to shoot accurately from 3 to 25 yards. We end the course with basic field striping and cleaning techniques.
2 days • $16,850 for 6 people

Intermediate Pistol (Defensive Pistol 2)

This course builds upon the skills you already have. It focuses on presentation, site picture, reloading and malfunction drills. 

2 days • $16,850 for 6 people


Advanced Pistol (Defensive Pistol 3)

Take your shooting skill to the next level. Learn advanced weapon handling skills such as speed reloads and tactical reloads. We then work on various aiming techniques including front sight focus, peripheral vision, (combat shooting) and close quarters stance directed fire.
2 days • $16,850 for 6 people

Functional Three Gun Application

This course covers the material of our three Defensive Pistol courses, but with all three platforms: handgun, (revolver and semi auto), M4/AR platform, and shotgun. This is a fun and challenging course. We use a principle-based approach that teaches the commonalities of operating all three platforms as well as techniques specific to each. We end with some fun three gun drills and combat courses.

5 days • $42,120 for 6 people

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