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A brief history of Fort Discovery, Inc. in Sequim, Washington


About Fort Discovery

Fort Discovery is a training facility on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The original site was established in 1792 by British explorer Capt. George Vancouver, who named it “Port Discovery” after his flagship, HMS Discovery. Capt. Vancouver and his crew of 210, including fifty British Royal Marines, anchored their ships in the well-protected harbor on the east end of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and set up an encampment and observatory. They also made repairs to their ship and dried their black powder for 20 days. The area was soon recognized for its military importance and strategic location.


Fifty years later, it was once again explored by Capt. Charles Wilkes of the United States Navy with a fleet of six tall ships. Later, in 1866, President Andrew Johnson established the area as a military reservation, which was dissolved later that century.


In 1987, Joe D’Amico, President of Fort Discovery, founded Fort Discovery in the same location where Capt. Vancouver landed years prior. Joe's goal was to develop innovative training methods and concepts, which would give our fighting forces more options for success and survivability. Whether you’re fighting on the frontlines overseas, patrolling our neighborhoods, or protecting your family, lessons learned and skills developed at Fort Discovery will enable every student greater opportunity for winning the fight.

In 2017, Fort Discovery relocated to Sequim, Washington.

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