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Fort Discovery offers two-day Defensive Rifle course

Fort Discovery is offering a two-day Defensive Rifle course. The course will be held July 26-27, 2014, from 9am-5pm at Fort Discovery. Cost is $495 per person.

This course is for the new or basic shooter who needs to learn or improve rifle capabilities. It is a great opportunity to learn from experienced instructors! The course includes classroom time and shooting time on the range. For details, visit the Training page.

Participants will be taught by Jeff Hall, a retired lieutenant from the Alaska State Troopers who has more than 25 years of military and law enforcement experience. He is a certified Master instructor in handgun, rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and precision rifle, and he has been featured on The History Channel’s “Sniper: Deadliest Missions.”

(The course is built around the AR platform, any defensive rifle is acceptable, from .22LR to .223 to 7.62x39. Lever actions, bolt actions, and AK variants can all participate.)

To register, or if you have any questions, call Steve or Jen at Fort Discovery at 877-876-4750, or email

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