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Miss Fort Discovery?

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Miss Fort Discovery


Jordan McMinn

Jordan McMinn was named Miss Fort Discovery 2018 after a four-woman competition that included product knowledge, firearms qualification, basic survival skills, and physical fitness.

Her tenure as “Miss Fort Discovery” officially begins at the Unity of Effort celebration being hosted Saturday, Aug. 11 at Security Services Northwest, Inc., in Sequim.

“I’m really fortunate for the opportunity to be Miss Fort Discovery and I am excited for what it has in store and for who I am able to meet, and to impact the community,” says McMinn.

McMinn was raised in Sequim and graduated with the Sequim High School Class of 2017. During her school years she was active in student body government, played high school basketball, and was a volunteer coach for youth basketball and soccer programs.


McMinn is preparing for her sophomore year at the University of Oregon, where she has been accepted into journalism school. She has worked the past five years for Olympic Lavender Heritage Farm, and also works in the shipping department at Lib Tech, a Mervin Manufacturing company that is the longest running and last major board factory in the United States and makers of eco-friendly surfboards, snowboards, skateboards and ski equipment.


This summer McMinn took a third part-time job, working assignments as an unarmed security guard for Security Services Northwest, Inc., where she learned about the Miss Fort Discovery opportunity.

“I realized it was a really cool opportunity to stay involved in Sequim. Now that I go to school in Oregon, I am far from my hometown and it is nice to reconnect with my community,” McMinn says. “I look forward to meeting people and to help promote gun safety and responsibility.”

The most challenging part of the Miss Fort Discovery competition was the construction of a survival shelter. “I used big sticks to make the teepee but I’m only 5-foot-5 and I made it too tall,” McMinn says. The best part was “meeting all the women who participated, they were awesome. It was a fun, lively experience. Everything was upbeat. My favorite part was the physical challenge because I like to keep active.” 

The Miss Fort Discovery contest was started in 2014 by Fort Discovery, Inc. owner Joe D’Amico, who also owns Sequim-based SSNW, to find a spokesperson to help represent the company’s new “Expedition Rifle” and other firearms-related products.

“As Miss Fort Discovery I get to help promote gun safety and the training that our law enforcement and military forces need to be strong and successful,” McMinn says.


Past Miss Fort Discovery winners

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